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Our vision is to make renting safe and secure for both parties throughout the rental period. We hope that this will contribute to more available residences which helps solving a big problem in the Swedish society.

The company Be Resident was established as we saw an increased demand from both landlords and tenants to have a safe and secure home rental in Sweden. Today, there are many who have difficulties to find residences, especially in the larger cities. Studies show that there is a lot of living space that goes unused and could be rented out instead. Experience internationally shows that this is a market that has great potential to grow, thus we hope to be a part of making people feel safe to rent out or rent a home. We at Be Resident hope that we can help so that more people feel comfortable to rent out their homes, or part of them, and thus help solve what has been known the Swedish housing crisis.

The people behind Be Resident have a long background in banking and economic administration as well as economic and legal education at university. We have experience of being in the board for housing associations and experience of both being a landlord and tenant in residential leases. Our experience as both landlord and tenant gave us the initiative to help people in the same situation to get a safe and secure rental experience as possible. In the current situation, we help hundreds every year with their residential lettings throughout whole Sweden, but mostly in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Uppsala.

In our network we have lawyers, debt collection agencies, banks and others that we work with regarding the regulatory framework surrounding residential, rental notification and collection as well as making the payments as safe as possible.

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