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To get a safer rental in case of an accident, specially developed rental insurance is included as a supplement to your home insurance.


Digital lease

We produce a rental agreement based on current rules in the area and which is signed digitally for increased security and flexibility.


Personal contact

At Be Resident, unlike many of our competitors, you get a personal Rental Manager who accompanies you throughout the rental period and who can provide personal advice and support. We like to talk to our customers!


Secure deposit

When you rent through us, we secure your deposit and keep it in our company in your name. We are not paying it to the landlord unless there is damage when it is time to moving out. This eliminates the risk of fraud when paying a deposit.


Secure payments

Every month, you as a tenant receive an invoice for the rent to be paid and thus have a basis that the rent has been paid as it should. We also offer the opportunity to pay via Autogiro. In that case, the rent will be deducted automatically.


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