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Corporate Housing Gothenburg

Here, you'll find corporate housing in Gothenburg! We offer tailored solutions to meet your company's needs for temporary accommodations in the city. Whether you're looking for housing for project employees, business travelers, or other temporary needs, we have a wide range of options in some of Gothenburg's most sought-after areas.

Explore our corporate housing in areas like Svingeln, Linnéstaden, Vasastaden, and Johanneberg—all well-known for their unique characters and proximity to the city's pulse. Here's a brief overview of the areas we cover:

Svingeln: This central area is perfect for business travelers who want to be close to the heart of Gothenburg. With proximity to the central station, shopping, and restaurants, Svingeln offers both convenience and an authentic city experience.

Linnéstaden: A trendy and lively area that attracts with its eclectic atmosphere. Here, you'll find a wide range of restaurants, cafes, and shops. Linnéstaden is particularly popular among those who want a balance between work and relaxation.

Vasastaden: Known for its beautiful streets and charming buildings, Vasastaden is an excellent choice for companies looking to offer their employees a peaceful and stylish retreat. Here, you'll find green spaces and a relaxed atmosphere.

Johanneberg: This area is home to several of Gothenburg's university buildings and has a youthful and dynamic atmosphere. With proximity to both campus and the city center, Johanneberg is a strategic base for both business travelers and academics.

Our goal is to make your stay in Gothenburg as smooth and comfortable as possible. Our corporate housing is carefully selected to suit various preferences and needs. We offer flexible options for short and long stays, and our dedicated support is ready to assist you throughout the process—from selection to booking.

Welcome to discover our corporate housing and let us make your stay in Gothenburg memorable and hassle-free! Contact us for more information!

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