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To make the rental through Be Resident even more safe we have added an insurance to the clients who rent and rent out through us.

Who and what does the insurance cover?
The insurance applies to the landlord who can be both a private and a legal person. The insurance applies to damage or loss of property where the value of the property is reduced or has been lost. Examples of what can be compensated are damage to things, which can be for example furniture and furnishings.

✅ The tenant happens to smash the TV
✅ Spilled red wine on the couch
✅ Stains on marble countertop
✅ Tenant drops a nail polish bottle in the toilet so it cracks
✅ Tile in kitchen or bathroom breaks
✅ Tenant or guest accidentally pours laundry detergent into the dishwasher
✅ Loss of rent if the home becomes unusable after e.g. a water damage,
✅ Holes in the wall that need to be filled and repainted

✅More than normal wear and tear

What is not included in the insurance?
Damages that consist of normal wear and tear without affecting the property's function are not compensated. Nor damages that can not be related to the specific rental. What is normal wear and tear is reviewed on a case-by-case basis and depends on the type and size of the damage.

Examples of what is not included:

❌ Small holes in the wall after hanging up pictures
❌ Minor (less than 5 cm) scratch in kitchen table
❌ Damages that can be compensated by ordinary home insurance
❌ The tenant's property (ie their belongings such as telephones computers etc.)


It is vital that both landlord and tenant have their own home insurance as this is a complement to  that and does not replace them. When starting and ending the insurance it is important that you fill in an inspection protocol to be able to be compensated for the damages.

Reportning a damage

A damage or theft is reported as soon as the damage or theft has been noticed. We might contact you if additional information is needed. Compensation can come in the form of repair, replacement or in cash. 

How do I activate the insurance?
You do not have to do anything at all, the insurance is activated automatically if you have signed the contract after 2020-11-01, but can also be offered to active rentals. The insurance is a so-called mandatory group insurance and is valid during the period in which the rental is valid, according to your agreement with Be Resident.

Where does the insurance apply?
The insurance applies to damages that occur during the rental period. The insurance is valid in the Nordic countries.

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