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Residence rentals in Sweden

Rent or rent out your apartment or house through us and you will get safe contracts, secure payments and personal advice from us. Safe, convenient and secure.

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Find housing for long-term rental (at least 1 year) with Be Resident, with a digital contract that follows laws and regulations in the area, secure deposit management, and personal contact with Rental Manager throughout the rental. Safe, smooth, and secure.

Rent in Sweden

What types of residences are there in Sweden?

There are mainly four types of different residences in Sweden and this can be of importance for you who rent an apartment. These four are:

  • Bostadsrätt (Condominum, normally apartements or townhouses)
  • Hyresrätt (Rented apartment)
  • Ägarlägenhet (Fully owned apartment)
  • Fastighet (Property, normally houses)
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This is what you will get with Be Resident:

  • Insurance
  • Digital rental agreement
  • Personal contact
  • Safe deposit
  • Secure payment
About Be Resident

Our vision is to make renting safe and secure for both parties throughout the rental period. We hope that this will contribute to more available residences and it will help to solve a big problem in Swedish society.