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Find housing in Stockholm Sweden.

Be Resident offers a wide range of available homes to rent in Stockholm. With us you can find both furnished and unfurnished homes in attractive locations. You can find everything from smaller apartments to larger apartments and even villas and townhouses. Common is that all homes are available to rent for a long term, at least one year but often much longer than that. The rents on the homes vary depending on size, location, furnishing and more.

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How to find your rental home in Stockholm

Finding a home to rent in Stockholm can be difficult. That's why we are available to make sure that renting is safe and secure for both parties. Our secure rental terms give you security from start to finish whether you are a landlord or a tenant. Contact us to make sure your experience of renting a home in Stockholm is positive.

Find available homes

If you are looking for a home in Stockholm but can't find anything available right now that suits you, make an interest inquiry on our website with information about what you are looking for. Our website is constantly updated with new available homes for rent in Stockholm. You will then receive updates with the new homes that match your search.

What to do if you find an interesting home

If you want to rent one of our available homes in Stockholm, complete an interest inquiry on our website and we will contact you.