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We have gathered the most common questions that you who wants to rent out or rent and apartment or house could have.
FAQ - Landlord

Why do I need Be Resident to help me with my sublease?

We give you a safe and secure service where we help you all the way with everything from advice and tips regarding your sublease, contract, advertising, background checks on prospective tenants, keeping track of payments and not least a rental guarantee of two months if the sublease tenant should not pay their rent.

Will I, as the landlord, not be free to choose a tenant if I hire Be Resident?

On the contrary! We at Be Resident will help you with a selection of interesting tenants based on your criterias and do a background check. The choice of sublease tenant is completely yours.

How much does it cost to hire you?

For you as a landlord, hiring Be Resident and using our service does not cost anything. The rent that you set is also the one you get, provided that your property will be leased. We then add 15% for our services such as advertising, background check, credit check, insurance, rental guarantee, payments, collections, etc. That will then be paid for by the sublease tenant.

What should I consider when taking photos?

Take pictures of what you think the potential tenants may be interested in both on the inside and on the outside. Try to provide pictures that are as comprehensive as possible and make sure that you have cleaned and removed most of the things. Try taking pictures of your place in daylight and turn off all lights to avoid getting pictures with a yellow tone and disturbing, bright yellow spots.

Why do I need to inform my landlord or the condominium association when I intend to sublease my place?

In order for you to not risk confiscation of your tenancy or condominium, you must inform the condominium association or your landlord about your planned sublease. This means that you would otherwise in the worst case risk losing the right to your home.

Is it necessary to conduct an inspection before the commencement of the sublease?

We think you should do it to avoid any future conflict regarding the possible damage or excessive wear caused by the sublease tenant, and what was already there at the admittance. It will be a security both for you as the landlord as well as for your sublease tenant. It can be good for you to know that you as a landlord, according to Swedish laws, has the burden to proof that the damages was caused by the sublease tenant.

What will happen if my tenant - a tenant that was found by Be Resident - neglects to pay the rent in time?

We have a routine where reminders and collection are handled expeditiously in order to collect the rent. We guarantee up to 12 monthly rents for you as a landlord through our rental guarantee.

What should I do if I would like to cancel the sublease?

Send us an e-mail regarding your cancellation to and we will then make sure to notify the sublease tenant that you intend to terminate the agreement.

How long will it take to get my place rented out?

That depends entirely on the type of housing that you have, but generally speaking a small apartment takes less time than what a bigger house take. It also depends on how attractive the rent and the resident are compared to the current demand at the particular moment. There are examples of where it has been done in a few days from when we posted the advertisement and then up to several weeks.

When will I, as a landlord, get my rent?

You as a landlord get your rent paid on the last banking day of each month.

Why do I have to wait a number of days for getting paid when the tenant has already paid their rent?

The reason why is that it takes a few days before the rent has reached us and then it takes another few days before coming to your bank account. If the rental period starts with the first in a month, we will wait until the access has been made before paying you so that the tenant can feel confident with us handling the rent.

Do you have both companies and individuals that are seeking housing through your service?

Yes exactly, we have chosen to direct us both to companies and to individuals. Our experience is that there are good and well-behaved tenants in both categories and by not excluding one category, you increase your chances of getting a good tenant. With our background check (for example references, credit history and other documents) as well as with our rental guarantee you can feel confident with your choice of tenant.