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We have gathered the most common questions that you who wants to rent out or rent and apartment or house could have.
FAQ - Tenant

Why should I let Be Resident help me find a place to live?

By using our service when you rent an apartment, you get a clear agreement that takes advantage of both the landlord's rights and your rights as a sublease tenant. We have a safe handling of your deposit that you pay to us, a third party, and we will keep it in your name. You will receive clear notification consisting of invoices regarding the rent and you have the option to pay by direct debit, e-bill or regular bill. We also help with communication between you and the landlord and the lease starts with an inspection based on a protocol we provide.

Are there more objects for rent that cannot be found on your website or that have not been published yet?

We publish all objects on the website immediately and therefore it does not help to call or e-mail and ask if there are other items. Feel free to follow us on our pages on Instagram and Facebook to get information directly.

Is it necessary to conduct an inspection before the commencement of the sublease?

We think you should do it to avoid any future conflict regarding the possible damage or excessive wear caused by you as the sublease tenant, and what was already there at the admittance. It will be a security both for you as the sublease tenant as well as for your landlord.

Does renting through Be Resident cost me anything extra?

You as the tenant pay no more or less than the amount stated in the advertisement for the apartment or house you applied to. That amount includes the rent as one part and the administrative cost (15%) of our services such as advertising, the provision of lease and inspection and completed background check, credit check, rental guarantee, payments, collections, etc.

What should I do if I would like to terminate the sublease contract?

You send your notice in an e-mail to us at and also to the landlord.

When do I pay my rent?

We always send out an invoice regarding the rent that clearly shows when the rent is due. Normally, the rent is to be paid on the 26th of the month before the start of the next month.

Can you help me find a place to live?

Create a profile on our website, you will then be contacted by us when we receive an item that may suit you. We also recommend that you regularly visit our website and submit your interest on homes you are interested in.

How is it determined who gets to rent the housing and by who is the decision made?

When you submit your interest, you will be presented to the owner and we will then contact you to arrange a showing. Then it's the owner who decides who he or she wants to rent out to. By searching for a home through us at Be Resident, the landlord will feel safer with you as a tenant since we do a background check and we will also guarantee rental payments.