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Security of tenure

Security of tenure is the tenant's right to have the lease renewed when the landlord wishes to terminate it. When it concerns these housing forms above, the so-called private rental law concerning tenure of agreements made after 1/2 - 2013. The requirement is that it must be the owner who intends to rent it out and that it is a dwelling for residential purposes. The law also applies when a part of the dwelling is rented, such as a room to a lodger. When the rental goes under the private rental law, the sublease tenant receives no security of tenancy and no agreement regarding waiver is needed.

The private rental law does not apply when:

  • There is a tenancy leased on sublet
  • The purpose of the lease is that the tenant will use the dwelling for recreational purposes
  • The lease is let in a business
  • The contract is concluded before 1/2 - 2013

If you rent out two homes, the private rental law applies only to the first lease and not for the other. Should more than two items be rented out, it is generally considered that you are conducting a business hence the private rental law cannot be applied to any of the lettings. 


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