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Before renting out a condominium item, approval from the condominium association or the Rent Tribunal will most likely be required. The owner of the condominium must have reasons for the rental (which is more generous than those for a tenancy) and the condominium association should also not have any justified reason to refuse the rental.  

Examples of such reasons may be:

  • Work, study or care for family members elsewhere
  • Disease
  • Rent to one's own children, as example for them to study
  • If you intend to settle there for retirement
  • Moving in "on try" with a partner
  • Long stay abroad

After a change in the law were also added regarding condominiums:

  • To rent out when the apartment is difficult to sell due to the market
  • Lease to related parties, which include more than only to their own children.

For a completely owned apartment or owned property, no approval will be required.


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