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Uppsala is the fourth biggest city in Sweden with a population of approximately 155 000 residens. But looking at the whole municipality then there lives roughly 224 000 people. To get a better knowing of Uppsala and its different areas below are a list of the biggest ones.

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Svartbäcken is a neighborhood in northern Uppsala. At the beginning of the 20th century, was Svartbäcken a relatively poor area with simple work housing. Nowadays, Svartbäcken is regarded as a very attractive area to live in. The old working housing that has been preserved is today expensive housing.

Gottsunda does not have the best reputation in Uppsala. There are mainly rental housing available and the police consider the area to be extra prone.

Dalby consists mainly of family houses and farms. Here you do not live close to each other and it is a more rural feeling.

Vaksala is located just north of Uppsala center. Here you find buildings from the turn of the century and also brand new apartment buildings.

Gamla Uppsala translated as Old Uppsala. Just like the name, there are anorems from many centuries back. Here you live close to the nature and the area has many schools och preschools for the children.

Vreta is a villa area with good reputation. Consisted initially most of vacation homes but now it is most permanent residences.

Gränby mostly consist of apartment buildings built in the sixties. A large park with many hills, playgrounds, colony gardens and a well-attended public farm is located in the area. In the outer part of Gränby there is also the shopping center Gränby Centrum with about 140 shops.

Årsta was before 1970 urban-close rural areas with more sparsely populated areas with fields. Today, the settlement consists of a fairly large villa area in the outer part and apartment buildings in the inner part.

Sala backe has a population of approximately 11000 inhabitants. The buildings are quite dense and partly enclosed and they are usually three to five storeys height.

Vilan is an area south east of Uppsala city. The buildings consist mainly of villas, and to a lesser extent, of chain houses.

Ekeby i an area 2 km west of Uppsala. The streets in Ekeby is named after cities in the Nordics, such as Oslogatan and Köpenhamnsgatan. The residential buildings mainly consist of chain houses and apartment buildings built around 1980.

Stenhagen began to be built in the first half of the 1990s and continues to be expanded in the form of new condominiums. Today you can finns apartments, villas and chain houses in the area and has a socio-economically more well-established population.

Flogsta the district is primarily a student housing area with apartment buildings.


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